In the changing scenario, the Web presents a variety of ways to increase revenue


Enhance brand awareness


Enhance product awareness

Reach new customers

Because of its multimedia capability, the Web can help you increase brand awareness through richer, more engaging brand identity. 

Increase the awareness of your product to a specific target audience. Boost lead generation. Take advantage of the interactive nature of the Web to capture leads. Speed lead response. Because you get leads immediately, you can respond faster, while the customer is still "hot." 

Because of its worldwide reach, the Web helps you reach customers who may not be available through other media.


Add a new sales channel



Increase sales through existing channels



Improved customer service and support


Add online sales that are incremental to those of your traditional off-line channels such as retail and direct mail. 

In addition to providing a new sales channel, the Web can also boost sales through your existing channels by increasing product and brand awareness. 

The Web presents opportunities to increase revenue indirectly through enhanced customer service and support. 


Opportunities to Decrease Costs



Reduce support costs



Reduce sales costs


You can use both Internet and intranet Web sites to reduce costs and improve productivity in external and internal business processes:

It is often cheaper, easier, and more effective to support customers over the Internet than through more traditional methods such as telephone support. In addition, corporations can support employees and business partners over their corporate intranets, keeping them informed and soliciting their feedback. 

Sales over the Internet typically require less overhead and less sales support than traditional sales channels. A Web site can reduce dependence on more expensive sales channels, including retail. 


Reduce inventory costs



Reduce materials costs


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A Web site can help you reduce inventory costs by shortening sales cycles. In addition, the Web can help you reduce inventory costs by shortening supply cycles from your vendors. 

Save paper production, printing, and distribution costs by disseminating information electronically over the Internet or intranet. For example, you can publish annual reports, distribute marketing materials, and present customer support tips on your Internet Web site. An intranet Web site can lower the cost of delivering internal manuals and forms.


Establishing a Web site for yourself can be one of the most important business moves you make. Because of the enormous potential and significant investment involved, it is essential that you make this move carefully, and it is essential to grasp what all is involved.

Web sites, with their nearly universal reach and highly interactive nature, present opportunities that are not available through other means. Through Web sites, organizations can increase revenues, decrease costs and build tighter relationships with their customers, employees, and business partners. There are almost 1 billion sites on the Internet.

But Web sites can require substantial investments to create and maintain. In the international arena, web site spending by companies ranges from $15,000 for small companies to more than $1 million for large companies. In India too, costs range from as paltry as Rs. 5,000 to as exorbitant as Rs. 50,00,000. Whether you are considering a Web site for the Internet or your Intranet, it's important that you plan and implement it carefully. Only in this way will you realize the full potential of your site and gain a handsome return on your investment.

Planning and building a Web site requires expertise in a wide variety of new areas, including Web technologies, the unique aspects of the Web as a medium and the cyber world resources available, such as Web search engines and Web advertising, to help you generate traffic to your site. To get on the Web quickly, without sacrificing the effectiveness or quality of your Web site, you may want to seek assistance from outside organizations that specialize in Web planning, deployment, and refinement. And here is where entities like Designdon.com pitches in.

Web technology makes possible exciting new business models for marketing, communications, commerce, publishing, advertising, client/server applications, telephony, business-process optimization, entertainment, and eventually broadcasting. With a Web site, an organization can reach a worldwide audience of literally millions of people, quickly and effectively. Because the Web is interactive, it can custom-tailor the information it delivers to each person for maximum impact. That's why organizations and individuals are implementing Web sites and the growth of the online community is at an astonishing high pace.


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