Web Page Designing and Development

Your web site is your virtual office. It definitely matters how it is made. It matters how well the visitors to your web site can navigate through your pages and get where you want them to be. We, at Designdon.com, develop web pages that actually communicate your message to your visitor. Right from conceptualization to implementation, we keep in mind what your users want. Because the backbone of your online success are your visitors, and the visitors will be responsive if your site is made well.

We work with the concept of a win-win philosophy. Our business can't succeed if you don't do well. We can't control all the aspects of your work, but a few things we can control are to deliver the project on time, create user-friendly and browser friendly design, keep all the dealings transparent and be there whenever you need assistance. 




Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization Helps You Achieve High Ranking in the Search Engines. Getting your web site found on the Net is a costly business these days. Even to get included, you have to pay hundreds of dollars to various search engines. But unless you are bidding for the keywords, just getting included does not mean you get to appear amongst the top twenty-thirty results. Thousands of web masters are paying everyday to be included, but only a few achieve a mentionable ranking. If your pages are optimized for search engines, the probability is higher that they get ranked high.

Online Publishing

Online Publishing is emerging as one of the strongest communications arenas on the net. Every web master who is serious about working on the net publishes a newsletter or an ezine. Online Publishing gives your business a positive image. It gets you opt-in email addresses of those people who actually want to learn more about you and your service/product. They are your strongest customer base, and most loyal too. Read more about how you can use this invaluable marketing tool to further your business interest.

Web Site Maintenance

Web Site Maintenance is a job that never ends. You constantly need to keep your web site updated so that your visitors get a feeling you are always evolving and dynamic. New content is also an incentive to come to your site again and again. A decent web site needs constant monitoring, it needs to be updated to keep the information current, and it needs to be submitted to search engines routinely. It's not advisable that you get a web site developed and then assume that the job is over. 


Because of the attractive potential of Web technology - such as its worldwide reach and ability to interact with users, and the apparent ease of building sites, many organizations are rushing headlong to establish Internet and intranet Web sites. But many are taking a haphazard approach, resulting in wasted money and, more significantly, lost opportunity. 

The following sections present a business-oriented approach to planning, deploying, and refining your Web site. By addressing the factors identified in this process, you can take full advantage of the power of Web sites to maintain a competitive edge. 

Reach new audiences 
Sell products and services 
Generate brand awareness 
Increase customer satisfaction 
Disseminate information 
Understand the medium
Receive feedback 
Automate business processes 
Deploy your Web site 
Design your site from a usability perspective and not merely from an aesthetic perspective 
Build in the means to monitor and continually evaluate your Web site 
Solicit visitor information 
Market your Web site 

To leverage the existing marketing resources you can put your website address on                

Press releases 
Company Newsletters 
Flyers and Posters 
On-hold Messages 
Business Cards 
Product Packages 
Promotional Packages, etc. 
Banner Designing

Banner Type Size Rate

  Flash 468 X 60 $ 18   
  Flash 230 X 33 $ 12  
  Flash 88 x 31 $ 8  
  Static 468 X 60 $ 12  
  Static 230 X 33 $ 9  

List with Online Information and Directory Resources 

Search Engines 


Announcement Sites 

Award Sites and "Cool Site Guides" 

Banner Advertising 

Putting Advertisements in Electronic Publications 

Organizing online events such as chats, surveys and contests 

Visiting public domain message boards 

Using Automatic tools 

Analyze the results 

Number of site visits and specific page visits per day 

The size of the audience you are reaching 

Pages that are most popular 

Pages that are least popular 

Visitor paths through the site 

How users typically travel through your site 

Online questionnaires and feedback 

Visits derived from ad banners 

Which banners and ads producing good or poor click-throughs 

Which click-throughs are metamorphosing into revenue generating business 

Refine and maintain your Web site 

Leverage interaction to improve your site 

Establish an iterative process to keep your Web site optimized 

Experiment and monitor the results 

Make changes and watch their effect 

Review site marketing strategies 

Reconcile your Web site strategy in the context of your overall business strategy 

Stay in tune with technology 

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A Web site can revolutionize the way you do business. It can help you increase revenues, decrease costs, and build tighter relationships with customers, employees, and business partners. As you gain experience with your Web site, you can continue to integrate it with your business, taking advantage of its unparalleled reach and high level of interaction to increase your competitive edge.

Establishing and maintaining a Web site can represent a significant investment. To realize maximum return on that investment, you'll need to plan your site carefully, design it to take full advantage of the Web's unique capabilities, market it effectively and refine it continually. This requires expertise in a variety of areas, many of which are new to your organization.

Fortunately, Designdon.com can provide you all the above-mentioned services at a very reasonable cost. I have an eager team of developers and designers who have worked on a broadspectrum of platforms.


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