Accept All Major Credit Cards on your Website

If you've investigated launching an e-commerce effort, you would probably have noticed the steep learning curve and the daunting complexity involved. The exorbitant costs of e-commerce solutions provided by financial institutions in India; the sheer volume of different software components and the challenge of integrating them, can discourage anyone from going into the business. We now offers you a gateway to transact online business the way you always wanted to: Simple, Fast, Secure, Affordable and Complete. Our tie-ups include all major online banks and credit card gateways. 

With Designdon, you are open for business to ANYONE, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME regardless of geographical boundaries, contingencies and astronomical operational retailing costs. This payment processing services offer Indian merchants an outstanding global platform to cost effectively enter the digital economy.

Set Up fees One time - Rs. 7500.00
Annual Software Up gradation Cost Payable 1st April every year - Rs. 1200 p.a.




  Key Features of this Payment Gateway

All Major Indian and International Credit Cards Accepted
We also process credit cards "Valid only in India & Nepal"
Indian Customers can also debit through their Indian bank accounts.
No Merchant or Special Bank Account necessary.
Quick and Easy Integration.

All Major International and Indian Credit cards Processed.

: The world's No. 1 card (issued anywhere in the world, including cards 'Valid only in India and Nepal'). 
VISA: The world's most preferred card (issued anywhere in the world, including cards 'Valid only in India and Nepal'). 
American Express: The world's favourite card. More than 50 million cards in circulation and growing! With the recent U.S. courts ruling in its favour, it is poised to be the world's No. 1 card in the near future. 
Diners Club International : The world's No. 1 charge card. Approximately 200,000 Diners Club card holders exist in India alone... an old corporate favourite. 
JCB Cards: The JCB merchant network of 7.96 million spans 183 countries, and serves more than 38 million card holders worldwide, who spend US$42 billion annually on their JCB cards. 


Citibank E-Cards:
The new initiative of Citibank, launched to promote safe and secure E-shopping. 

Net Banking

Net Banking

This e-merchants also extends and integrate their websites to this payment gateway facility, and to accept payment from their customers. This is done by directly debiting from the customers' online account in any of the following banks/divisions.


HDFC Online Banking:
One of the first private sector banks in India and constantly voted as the best new upcoming company of the year for the last two years, HDFC Bank currently lists over 1 million account holders in the major metros alone. 


Citibank NRI Account Holders: With over 160,000 Non-Resident Indian Account Holders, holding a minimum balance of Rs. 10 lakhs, this is voted as the most preferred bank of the NRIs. 


Citibank Current Account Holders:
Consists of over 300,000 Resident Indian Account Holders, with a minimum balance of Rs. 1 lakh. 


Citibank Suvidha Account Holders:
This category includes over 150,000 highly tech-savvy Account Holders from Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi alone. 


ICICI Infinity Net banking Account Holders
ICICI Bank has over 47 Lakhs customer account and has a network of 357 branches, 44 Extensions counters and has over 1000 ATM's as of 31st January, 2002. It has over a million internet banking accounts which includes over 2,00,000 N.R.I Internet banking accounts. 


IDBI i Netbanking Account Holders:
IDBI Bank has a network that today spans 61 cities, 82 branches & 244 ATMs. The bank currently has over half a million customer accounts and is now-poised to touch a million during next 12-18 months. 


UTI iConnect
Net banking Account Holders: UTI Bank has a very wide network of 145 branch offices, 27 Extension Counters, 22 service counters, over 516 ATMs and is agressively persuing its online iConnect net banking initiative. 


Global Trust Bank

Global Trust Bank is a technology driven bank with its vision set for the future. The Bank, with a very strong Top Management Team (Ranked # 2 by Business World, Oct 2000 and the # 1 Best Bank by Financial Express -Bank Survey Feb 2001), is managed by Professional Bankers. The Bank has been creating records of sorts, even before it started operations. At the end of 35 months the total business exceeded Rs.43.02 billion, making Global Trust one of the fastest growing banks in India 


Centurion Bank:
With a network of 116 ATM's, spanning across 43 cities and towns across India, Centurion Bank was one of the earliest banks to provide Telephone banking, PC Banking and Internet Banking to its customers. 



is a regional banking giant with strong national presence and global reach. From its humble beginning as Travancore Federal Bank Ltd. almost 5 decades ago, Federal Bank has grown to become India's largest private sector bank and is now the largest scheduled commercial bank in Kerala. Today it has more than 2 million account holders and has more than 400 branches worldwide. It has strong patronage of NRI Community and NRI deposits constitute 28 % of its total deposits. In the year 2000, Federal Bank launched its Internet Banking Facility "FedNet", which is hugely popular with NRI's based in the Middle East. 


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