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Corporate Email

Manage your company's email without the headaches and hassles of running an on-site mail server! Let host your email on our servers. You get a feature-rich mail server with a web interface that allows you to make changes at any time. 


Complete Control - Manage Multiple email accounts and aliases; add and remove accounts when you need to; make changes, additions, deletions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using our web-based administration interface. 

Aliases - Create "catch-all" mailboxes like "sales" or "info" that automatically forward to the right person. 

Autoresponders - Respond to your customers requests instantly; 24 hours a day, seven days a week 

List Servers - Create and maintain discussion lists. Communicate with customers, discuss ongoing projects, provide technical support, the applications are endless. Corporate Email supports moderated and unmoderated lists, as well as digest and non-digest delivery methods. You set them up, you maintain them, you have total control! 


Check Availability of your Domain Name

Please enter the domain name you wish to Register, and select the appropriate Domain Extension from the dropdown

>> Mode of Payment ::


Direct Payment in India

ICICI Bank - Account No : 626201068173 - Account Holder : K. KRISHNA KUMAR 
Branch : Tiruvananthapuram

Clients can make payment by depositing cash in our ICICI Bank Account through any of the Bank Branches anywhere in India. Find your nearest ICICI Bank Branch by clicking on the branch links. Please send a mail to with payment details after remitting the payment.

Demand Draft

You can also make payment by sending a Demand Draft to our snail mail address. You may take the Demand Draft from a branch of any Nationalised Bank. All Demand Drafts may be taken in favour of "Telenet Technologies" payable at "Thiruvananthapuram".

Countries other than India

For payments in Dubai, Oman and Singapore, please contact our country representatives. 

Credit card payment 

Credit card payment facility shall be added soon.

:::  Features  :::

Low Cost 

If you were to set up your own mail server, you would spend thousands of dollars on hardware and software. 

Branded Email

Combined with our Domain Hosting package, you can have email addresses like '' and 'smith@ mycompany .com.  

POP3 Support 

Use your favorite email client (Outlook 98/2000, Outlook Express, Eudora, Netscape, etc.)

IMAP4 Support

Stores your mail on the server. Perfect for people who work from multiple machines (home, office, etc.), because all your messages/folders will remain synchronized.

 Web Mail Interface 

Everyone in the organization can access their mail from any web browser (AOL, in an airport, at home, etc.). Try out our webmail interface by clicking here. Use for the account and designdon for the password. 


Spam is unsolicited bulk email (junk mail) and it decreases productivity. To significantly reduce the amount of spam, we only accept messages from mail servers that aren't on the Spam server blacklist (a real-time blacklist maintained by SpamCop Then we scan accepted messages to eliminate ones with typical spam content (get-rich-quick/porn/ etc.). 


Viruses can cause significant damage such as erasing your hard disk. So before delivering messages to you, we scan the message and any attachments for viruses. If one is found, we clean the message and forward it to you with a note listing the type of virus found and the sender's email. Note that we still recommend running anti-virus protection (such as Norton) on your computers. 

Extra Capabilities

Deluxe email features including folders, address books, mailing lists, vacation messages, etc. 

Global POP3 Mailbox

Create a POP3 account to collect all the messages for your domain. This is useful if you have your own email server, but do not have a 24x7 connection to the Internet. Your server can periodically connect to the Internet to pull messages and distribute them to your users -- excellent solution for Microsoft Small Business Server using Exchange Connector for POP3 Mailboxes. 


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