What is a Digital Business Card CD ?

An innovative and cost effective way to promote your products and services. Our pocket mini CDs, the size of a business card complements the good old business card or paper brochure and holds a world of information in your pocket. These digital CDs can deliver an interactive product/service demonstration or a captivating audio-visual presentation to your target audience. These great sales tools could also be distributed at trade shows.

Interactive multimedia CD-ROM presentations are a fantastic way to showcase your products and services. They allow the user to move at their own pace and absorb the information better. 

Who can use an Interactive Business Card CD ?

Multimedia tools enhance the impact of your presentation. Audio visual media such as video, slides, CD-ROM and the Internet can provide strong support to the physical presentation of your products and services. They make it possible to visualize products & services and to provide three-dimensional explanations, as well as show equipment in 3-D simulation. 

We help you take advantage of various application areas of this medium such as :

  • CD Business Cards 

  • Product/Service Brochures

  • Interactive Catalogues

  • Corporate Presentations 

  • New Product Launch

  • Trade Show Presentations 

  • Touch Screen Kiosks

  • Digital Brochures

  • Interactive Training

  • Promotional specials

  • Direct mail

  • Software Demo

  • Video / Audio clips

  • Product Delivery

  • Interactive Multi-media presentations  

  • Video Productions 

  • Interactive Catalogs 

  • Music Tracks 

  • Trade Show Giveaways 

  • Media Kits 

  • Newsletters 

  • Owners Manuals

  • Technical Specifications 

  • Annual Reports 


Benefits of using a Digital Business Card

The benefits of the interactive media, coupled with the immediate delivery of high quality audio and video presentations, means that the CD-ROM remains a powerful marketing tool. CDs with their enormous data holding capacity can also contain various applications, games, fun stuff and utilities that would be useful to the customer.

A multimedia CD-ROM created by Designdon opens automatically when placed into the CD-ROM drive. A dynamic introduction shall be included, which demonstrates the company services and products via animation. After the short intro, a user-friendly interface shall display the CD's contents with buttons (links) to the various sections, description about the company, contact information and installable interactive screen savers or wallpapers with the company service or product photographs.

The digital brochure CD can also feature links which would enable your clients to click and view videos featuring the company products or services. You can show potential customers a preview of what they can expect and even direct them through to your website to make instant purchase decisions too.

Finally, your CD-ROM can be a cost-effective alternative or complement to your printed material, with low duplication costs.


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